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Author: JayBird
Fiction Rated: R - English - Romance - Reviews: 3 - Published: 02-07-08 - Updated: 04-07-08 - Complete

By the clock, inexorably ticking over in the heart of the wiki, it was midnight on the east coast of North America, and a range of other times in different time zones. In practical terms, this meant that, barring one or two editors from Oceania, every single editor for the PPC Wiki was asleep, or should be. The electrons had mostly clocked off for the night, leaving a skeleton crew to handle any emergencies. The lights were dimmed from the Forget-Me-Not through Library (Agent). And yet...

Were a hypothetical observer to be passing through Library (Agent), it might hear a faint sound. Following it, they might pass through the doorway into the vast Escher Room that is Category: PPC Agents. There they might pause, searching for the source, before cutting through the overgrown gardens of Category: Department of Bad Slash and entering the rather obscenely-decorated bedroom that is Luxury.

The two electrons were positioned on the (large, pink, frilly) bed, their auras of charge mingling in defiance of the laws of physics. But this was not physics any more. This was love.

"Oh! Oh!"

"Oh, yes! Quantise me!"

The two rolled across the covers, spins paired, pressing closer even than if they were in the same orbital. Their colour was tinted with a deep red, growing stronger as they continued.

"Increase my Lorentz factor!"

"Ah! Ah! Ah! Observe me!"

The blue glow of Cherenkov radiation filled the room as the pair vibrated faster, gaining more energy. They could feel their velocities and masses increasing, and knew the time was close.

"I feel -- like I'm about -- to annihilate--!"

"Oh, my Bohr! Oh, Bohr!"

"My waveform's collapsing...!"


The two lay together in a room flooded with ambient charge, letting their spins settle down to a steady rate. Finally, one looked at the other and said, unsteadily, "Was that... good?"

"That was good," the other agreed. "Oh my Bohr that was good."

"... shall we do it again, then?" the other asked shyly.

"Oh, you beautiful lepton," the first said, snuggling close. "As if I could ever say no!"

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